Edmonton, AB – November 24, 2021BioSelect, a division of AltaGreen, has partnered with Yellowhead Tribal College to supply equipment and knowledge to aid in the launch of the College’s new Vertical Farming Operator Certificate Program.  This program provides opportunities for Indigenous communities, organizations and individuals to exercise sovereignty in the production of their food, as well as pursue long-term food security and sustainability.

AltaGreen, through BioSelect, is supplying the lab equipment (a fully-functioning vertical farming module) and will aid in developing the curriculum for the certificate program.

A BioSelect Indoor Vertical Farm produces food in vertically stacked layers of grow beds. The BioSelect facility uses indoor farming technology combined with controlled-environment agriculture technology, where all environmental factors are governed: artificial control of light, humidity, temperature, air exchange and fertigation.


AltaGreen is a privately-held company based in Edmonton, Alberta, and is the parent company of two subsidiaries: BioSelect and Radiate Hemp Co. BioSelect is a complete vertical growing infrastructure system that enables the growth indoors of healthy, pesticide free leafy greens, vine crops, and herbs for sustainable year-round food production. Radiate Hemp Co. creates and sells value-added hemp-based products. Current Radiate Hemp Co. products with no THC or CBD include those for horses and companion animals, as well as wellness products for people. Future products are in development. Radiate Hemp Co.’s products are an excellent source of omega-3, 6 and 9.


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