Hemp has been a valuable commodity for hundreds of years, and since 1998, Canada opened the industry to explore the potential of this resource-rich crop. World hemp seed markets are rising due to hemp’s value as a healthy replacement for many other oils. It is also showing solid return-on-investment as a result of multiple revenue streams created by markets advancing for every part of the plant.

AltaGreen is developing products to license and sell that take advantage of the hemp market here in Alberta. Alberta is a significant geographic location for the hemp industry: both in crops grown, and investment in processing and product development. AltaGreen views a made-in-Alberta solution as the basis for significant revenue potential to deliver non-CBD health and wellness products for humans and animals. The company has created and is still developing  value-added hemp-based products in Canada, Europe and, in the future, expand globally.
AltaGreen is a privately-held company based in Edmonton, Alberta. AltaGreen owns the brands Radiate Hemp Co. and Perfect Balance Feed.