Our Leadership Team

Doug Kirillo

Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder/Board of Directors
For the past 40 years, Doug has worked with a myriad of companies building local, national, and international sales teams. As well as providing marketing and sales expertise, Doug has also been involved with launching corporate branding and communications programs providing corporations with the strength to successfully go-to-market with their goods and services.

Jim Schroeder

Chief Science Officer Co-Founder/Board of Directors

Jim Schroeder is responsible for Corporate Development and Product Development. Jim brings many years of business and corporate development, product development research, product formulation, and domestic and export development, especially tailored for product placement in retail and specialty markets. He is well versed in the establishment of R&D strategic alliances and product development networks in many industries. In the past five years, Jim has been involved in industrial hemp-based product development, domestic and international hemp product placement for animal and human applications and designing vertical farming systems specifically for commercial grower applications.

Dean Heuman

Chief Marketing Officer Co-Founder/Board of Directors
With more than 35 years of marketing and communications experience in many industries with both consumer and wholesale audiences, Dean provides the branding, marketing and communications vision and execution for AltaGreen and its associated companies. Through a bold approach, the companies will lead in educating, promoting and engaging consumers in the benefits of hemp-related products for themselves and the animals they care
deeply about.

Lawrence Mattar

Chief Administrative Officer Co-Founder/Board of Directors
With more than 22 years of business experience in managing large scale
construction projects, manufacturing and international import and export.
Lawrence brings a clear vision on how companies can extend their reach
across large-scale networks. Over the years, Lawrence has established
strong strategic relationships with successful business leaders in various
types of businesses across the globe.

Reg Shah

Chief Operating Officer Co-Founder/Board of Directors
Reg has more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur in various sectors including franchises. His expertise includes international import, export and sales leadership. Reg has held several senior level consulting positions and key roles with charity organizations, networking groups and international franchise boards.
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