AltaGreen is helping to fuel Canada’s Bioeconomy

National Products Canada (NPC) has announced it will be providing $1.1 million in support for groundbreaking products through its strategic Commercialization Programs, which will help fuel the Canadian bioeconomy. One of the recipients of this funding is AltaGreen.

This funding has helped AltaGreen develop key business documents to attract potential investors. Our team has successfully developed a unique hemp/olive oil formulation that harnesses the benefits of hemp seed oil, delivering essential omega fatty acids, plant protein, and other crucial nutrients. These components play a pivotal role in promoting optimal health and growth in poultry.

AltaGreen’s hemp-based formula solves many issues associated with traditional poultry feeds.

Elimination of Phytoestrogen Buildup

Currently, chicken producers and human consumers are facing challenges due to the use of soy-based proteins in chicken feed, which leads to the accumulation of phytoestrogens (estrogen-like compounds found in plants.) These phytoestrogens can lead to various health concerns in both animals and humans. Hemp seeds do not contain phytoestrogen properties, addressing this issue.

Reducing Poultry Mortality Rates

Chick mortality rates in Canada can be as high as 5.5%, a significant concern for chicken producers. Factors such as inadequate digestibility, nutrition, improper feed conversion, and disease susceptibility can contribute to high chick mortality. Hemp helps strengthen the immune system in animals and improves feed conversion, helping to address this problem.

Reducing Low Feed Conversion

Current chicken production relies on soy, wheat middlings, and corn-based feeds with high sugar content, resulting in low feed conversion rates. Low feed conversion values mean that much of the feed is wasted or not efficiently utilized for growth. A hemp-based feed means that the animals can eat less but produce more meat because it is such a high-protein product.

AltaGreen would like to express our gratitude for all of the support we’ve received, including that of National Products Canada. We’ve successfully finalized our key business documents with the needed funding. We are now moving toward applying for grants and speaking with investors. If you’d like to learn more about our business, contact us today!

Please watch the video below for more information.